Bull Fight - Provence style
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bull fight - Provence style

We went to a bull "games" in St Rémy de Provence with a certain amount of trepidation. However, in Provence the bull reigns supreme. The men have no weapons at all. Their skill lies in trying to put a token over the bull's horns. At first we saw the younger bulls who hadn't yet learned the skill of outwitting the men. However, as the afternoon wore on, more experienced bulls were brought in, that frequently caused the men to jump over the barrier in order to escape a charging bull.

One one occasion a bull was slightly hurt when climbing over the barrier and the sympathy of the crowd was definitely with the bull. A groan went up all around us.

It was a fascinating afternoon with tremendous photographic opportunities. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in Provence when the bull games are happening.

One word of warning: in Nimes and Arles, they use the Spanish bull fight, which is quite different.